The Mystery of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370

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It shouldn't be possible

In this age of constant surveillance, it shouldn't be possible to lose a Boeing 777 carrying 239 passengers. It's inconceivable that the aircraft flew for seven hours without anyone noticing that it was up there, completely off track. Yet, that's exactly what happened. Sylvia Wrigley, pilot and aviation expert, explores the possibilities in the pages of The Mystery of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370. Wrigley is a pilot and aviation writer who has been obsessing about aviation safety for ten years.

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  • Flying with Malaysia Airlines
  • MH370 Disappears
  • Popular Theories
  • A Deep Sea Search
  • The Aftermath

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Here’s what the Chief Test Pilot of the Harrier Jump Jet had to say about Sylvia's previous book

To even the most experienced investigator the causes can initially seem a mystery and there is so much information that has to be analysed that most of us would wonder where on earth to start. The debris, air traffic messages, eyewitnesses, the engineering history of the aircraft, the crew background and experience, and so on, are all things that could matter – but where are the vital clues to be found?

The author has done a remarkable job in not only researching the evidence of the accidents she covers and in putting across the problems of an investigation, but she has managed to do this in a way that will interest and appeal to a wide range of readers.

John Farley OBE, Author of View from the Hover: My Life in Aviation.

The astonishing true story of Malaysia Airlines flight 370

Malaysia Airlines flight 370 departed from Kuala Lumpur airport shortly after midnight, full of passengers flying to Beijing. Half an hour later, the greatest mystery in aviation history had begun.

Though most of us will board an aircraft at some point in our lives, we know little about how they work and the procedures surrounding their operation. It is that mystery that makes the loss of MH370 so terrifying. Follow along step-by-step as Wrigley recreates the flight and its disappearance. Review the many varied theories as to how it could have happened — up to and including alien abduction. The Mystery of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 also introduces a variety of related crashes and incidents, allowing readers to draw their own conclusions.

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Malaysian 777

Theories explored in detail in the pages of The Mystery of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370

Abducted by Aliens

A Bomb on the Plane

Military Action

Suicidal Pilot

Stolen Cargo

Lithium-Ion Batteries

Passenger Kidnapping

US Military Base Diego Garcia

The Mechanical Problem

The Incompetent Flight Crew

Breakdown of Passenger or Crew

Piracy: How to Hide an Aircraft


Renegade Plane

Hijacked by the Pilot

Malaysian Government Plot

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About Sylvia Wrigley

Sylvia Wrigley is a pilot and aviation writer who has been obsessing about aviation safety for ten years. She is regularly contacted to speak as an aviation expert within the mainstream press. Her aviation blog Fear of Landing is updated every Friday.

You Fly Like a Woman, her memoir about learning to fly, was released in December 2011.

Her latest series, Why Planes Crash, launched in May 2013. The first book of the series covers eleven accidents and incidents in 2001, including the disastrous runway incursion at Linate, the near-miss over Tokyo, the Avjet Aspen Crash, Twin Towers and American Airlines flight 587 disintegrating over Queens.


Aircrash Confidential on the Discovery Channel featured Sylvia as their aviation expert in Season 2 for episodes three and five.

Sylvia was interviewed for Sunday news to discuss MH370 on Channel One, the Russian national station 1tv: Спасатели вновь изменили район поиска пропавшего малазийского "Боинга"

MH370 Press

Sylvia has also served as an aviation expert for press journalists over the past few years. She helped with the following pieces on Malaysia Airlines flight 370:

  • Finlo Rohrer: BBC News – Mechanical v human: Why do planes crash?
  • Tom de Castella: BBC News – Missing Malaysia plane: 10 theories examined
  • Laura Villadiego: El Confidencial – Cinco preguntas (y sus respuestas) sobre la misteriosa desaparición del vuelo MH370 – Noticias de Mundo
  • Ειρήνη Ψυχάρη: Ειδήσεις – νέα – Το Βήμα Online
  • Vanessa Barford: BBC News – Malaysia plane: 10 questions that are still unresolved

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